August 28, 2016

Trust and Estate Administration

We represent trustees and, when probate is unavoidable, estate executors and administrators.

Being a trustee or estate executor or administrator can be a difficult job – particularly after the death of a family member. We assist our clients to fulfill fiduciary duties in the most efficient manner possible. As we provide this guidance, we are mindful that relationships between family members and beneficiaries can be sensitive during the administration process.

We have many years of experience advising our clients on all facets of trust and estate administration. We can assist our clients in the consolidation or sale of trust or estate assets, corresponding with and accounting to beneficiaries and heirs and legatees, providing fiduciary income tax planning, preparing Federal and Illinois estate tax returns, the Federal Estate Tax Deceased Spouse Unused Exemption, and disbursements and distributions.

Among other services we provide, we prepare the following on behalf of clients:

  • Federal and Illinois Estate Tax Returns
  • Accountings
  • Receipts
  • Inventories
  • Correspondence to beneficiaries and legatees
  • Probate court documents if probate is unavoidable