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Welcome to the O’Keefe Law Office website.

We represent clients in two primary practice areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • – & –
  • Trust and Estate Administration

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

To contribute to our clients’ peace of mind, we offer personalized representation to individuals and married couples in the preparation of estate plans.

We are here to assist you with your estate planning and trust and estate needs.

Our highly personalized services provide clients confidence and peace of mind that they have properly planned for their loved ones and their estate planning goals.

By identifying functional, straight forward, and tax efficient estate planning strategies, we help clients accomplish their estate planning goals. We help clients pass wealth to their loved ones in the best possible manner. We offer strategies to minimize estate and gift taxes and avoid probate.

We do more than provide guidance. We invest the time with clients in order that they are able to meaningfully engage in the estate planning process. As a result, clients are more satisfied with their estate plans and more effectively able to accomplish their goals – such as preserving family harmony, minimizing tax consequences, and avoiding probate.

We assist clients with gifting, titling of assets and trust funding.

We remain committed to provide full and uninterrupted legal representation to our clients with estate planning and estate and trust administration needs during Covid-19. For clients who prefer, we are available for Zoom and other video consultations and client conferences. Our early adopter philosophy has allowed our firm to seamlessly adjust to the new environment.

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Trust and Estate Administration

Trust and Estate Administration

We represent trustees and, when probate is unavoidable, estate executors and administrators.

We are here to assist you with all of your estate and trust administration needs during COVID-19. We can accomplish all client conferences and signings by video conference.

Being a trustee or estate executor or administrator can be a difficult job – particularly after the death of a family member. We assist our clients to fulfill fiduciary duties in the most efficient manner possible. As we provide this guidance, we are mindful that relationships between family members and beneficiaries can be sensitive during the administration process.

We have many years of experience advising our clients on all facets of trust and estate administration from the beginning until the end of administration.

We assist our clients in the consolidation or sale of trust or estate assets, corresponding with and accounting to beneficiaries and heirs and legatees, providing fiduciary income tax planning, preparing Federal and Illinois estate tax returns, the Federal Estate Tax Deceased Spouse Unused Exemption election, and making disbursements and distributions.

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We have offices in both Chicago and Evanston.

We have offices in both Chicago and Evanston.

Call us to make an appointment.

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Chicago Office

77 W. Wacker Drive, Suite 4500
Chicago, IL 60601

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Evanston Office

807 Greenwood Street
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