August 28, 2016

Estate Planning

To contribute to our clients’ peace of mind, we offer personalized representation to individuals and married couples in the preparation of estate plans.

By identifying the most functional, straight forward, and tax efficient estate planning method, we help clients accomplish their long-term wealth planning goals. Providing guidance, we help clients pass wealth to their loved ones in the best possible manner. We offer strategies to minimize estate and gift taxes and avoid probate.

In addition to providing guidance, we take the time with clients in order that they are able to meaningfully engage in the estate planning process. As a result, clients are more satisfied with their estate plans and more effectively able to accomplish their goals – such as preserving family harmony, minimizing tax consequences, and avoiding probate. We assist clients with gifting, titling of assets and trust funding.

Estate planning is especially important as a result of increased wealth and at certain life phases. These phases include growing older, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, death of a spouse or loved one, remarriage, and starting a second family. Our goal and passion is to assist clients with estate planning during all of these important phases. We also coordinate closely with clients for on-going gifting and estate planning strategies.

Our services include the preparation of revocable trusts, wills, and powers of attorney for health and property as well as insurance trusts and other irrevocable trusts. We also prepare gift tax returns for our clients making taxable gifts and for clients allocating GST tax exemption. We assist our clients with planning for large retirement accounts, marital estate tax exemption planning, generational skipping transfer tax planning, and gifting strategies.

We assist heirs, legatees, beneficiaries, and others with disclaimers.